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The Custom Wig Process – How to Order and What to Expect

Planning and ordering your Customized wig 

Customized Beauty  brings together a talented and experienced team of wig artisans to handcraft your custom wig and or Bundle . Our process is detailed and thorough, from initial consultation to the final step. We take pains to build a piece tailored for you that fits like a glove and looks even better than you imagined.

The quote -Estimate

To have a custom wig created, you’ll start by either requesting a Estimate-Service Quote Form or Chat with us  for assistance in completing your form . We’ll ask you to provide us with detailed information about your desired custom unit, including the colors, texture, length and style – when applicable, we request any research materials or inspirational materials that will help us realize and bring your vision to life ( we highly recommend you upload a picture ).  The quote will include all the relevant options for to complete the project with the expected costs. After reviewing the quote,  you’ll receive a confirmation email including all terms and conditions  . 

The paper work and payment schedule

Within the next 24-48 hours you’ll receive an invoice and digital contract ( please note this contract is your Estimated-quote form summary with final service cost) We’ll need your payment and the “signed” digital contract to finalize your project agreement on the schedule and move forward.  Check out our payment plans to see which one will work best for you. 

 The contract

Your contract will have the expected date of completion for your custom wig . The date is usually based on either your deadline or your preferred payment schedule. As we near the completion of your custom order, a Customized Beauty representative will send you an update and let you know to expect photos soon of your finished piece.  Once your custom piece is ready, you will receive an email and photos of the finished piece and any request of changes or adjustments will be done at this moment. 

Once you’re satisfied with your wig , you can have the piece mailed to you or you can schedule a fitting at our studio. 

 While you wait for your customized piece to be completed, be sure to read through our Owners wig Manual and Hair care section.

Note: We strongly encourage customers to write any additional specifications or instructions that can help in the construction process of your wig. We also recommend you upload a picture of desired look as this may facilitate construction process. 

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