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Shipping times:

  • Local orders take 5-10 business days to be delivered to you and we ship within 7 business days.
  • International orders take 10-15 business days to be delivered via Carrier UPS, Carrier FEDEX.
  • Shipping time might vary depending on location, shipment method and other factors such as COVID-19.


Upon confirmation of a cleared payment, orders are processed the same day (before 11am) or the next business day. Orders are then shipped with an estimated delivery time of 3 to 5 business days for priority and 2 to 3 business days for express. (Delivery times are not guaranteed due to new COVID-19 regulations)

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Your 100% satisfaction is important for us. We offer a 30-days Return & Exchange Policy if there was a mistake in order received :

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  • If the refund is approved, then it will be processed and a credit will automatically be applied to customer's credit card or original payment method shortly after.

Simply add as many items as you wish to your shopping cart while browsing our store. Once you want to proceed with the order - do so by going to the cart and clicking "checkout". Follow the instructions by providing us with delivery information and select payment method the for goods - we will ship your package within X business days.

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Occasionally a tremendous demand will deplete our stock of a particular product. We will attempt to contact a client with information on out of stock items. We reserve the right to partially fill orders that contain out of stock products. If no response is made, the order for the sold out item will be placed and the item will be mailed out in 5 to 7 business days once the hair is received

Yes, separate orders will be shipped separately. If you would like to modify your order or have specific inquiries , please contact us .  
A closure is a full coverage hair attachment that protects your natural hair. It can be added to your sew-in or a wig. Unlike tracks, it attaches to a lace base allowing it to have a scalp-like resemblance. This base consists of lace fabric with numerous single hair strands attached to it.They are ideal for anyone who wants a full-coverage weave.

We offer 3 types of closures: Swiss brown lace, transparent lace, and HD lace.

A closure is measured by the literal width of the base of the closure. While the dimensions can vary, our closures come in dimensions of 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, and 7x7 (measured in inches).

Our frontals cover the front half of the head, from ear to ear. Frontal allows flexibility and versatility giving you the ability to part it any way throughout your hairline and pull back all the hair giving you a natural look. A lace frontal is also used for women suffering from traction alopecia or thinning edges. The closure plays a similar role as the frontal but covers less space on your head. 

We offer 3 types of frontals: Swiss brown lace, transparent lace, and HD lace.

Frontals come in 3 sizes: 13x4, 13x6, and 360 (measured in inches).

For all of the ladies who love wearing their hair in a ponytail, here is the frontal for you. You do not have to worry about your hairline looking shaggy anymore because the 360 frontal is the way to go.

The Swiss brown lace frontal has the same structure as the transparent frontal. They are all made with a machine-made wig cap and a 100% human hair front. The only difference is the lace color in the forehead.

Transparent laces are virtually undetectable sheer lace material running along the hairline and are designed to mimic a natural looking hairline allowing the hair to be styled in a pulled back style or away from your face.

HD lace wigs offer the thinnest material, which is softer, almost invisible, and lighter than normal lace. HD wigs blend perfectly with your skin creating an undetectable hairline.

In theory, the higher the grade, the better the quality of the hair. The use of ‘grades’ to communicate the quality of hair originated in the Chinese market. 

Rather than thinking of the hair extension grading system as determining the quality of the hair, it actually refers to the proportion of strands per bundle that actually measure the full length of the hair bundle.

For example, every strand in a bundle of 18″ hair extensions will not measure 18″, as each bundle will be made up of long and short hairs. The more strands that measure the full 18″, the thicker the bundle of hair and the higher the quality.  

This is also referred to as single or double drawn, whereby single drawn would be grade A and double drawn would be the highest listed grade, typically 5A or higher.

  • Unprocessed, full cuticles all in the same direction
  • Tangle free.
  • Natural soft, keep good body and natural luster.
  • High quality 12A grade hair, 100% real human virgin hair that can be dyed to a #613 color.
  • With proper care, your real virgin hair can be used for a lifespan of 1-2 years or more.
  • 5A:Non-Remy hair, suitable for the low-class market.
  • 6A:Remy hair, and cuticle towards the same direction.
  • 6A+:Thicker hair than 6A at the bottom, that means 6A has more short hair mixed in the bundle.
  • 7A:Same quality as 6A, and 6A+, but thicker hair than 6A and 6A+.
  • 7A+:Same quality as above hair, but very slightly short hair in the bundles.
  • 8A:Virgin human hair just from one head.
  • 9A:It is 100% virgin unprocessed human hair with a full cuticle facing one direction of growth which means minimum tangling and shedding and a very strong hair shaft. It is raw virgin human hair that comes from a single donor.
  • 10A-12A:Virgin human hair just from one head, but better quality than 8A and 9A.

Virgin hair is human hair that has not been chemically altered by any means. Some hair companies tend to process their hair via acid bath to strip away cuticles and to create texture. 

Remy hair is often a misused term and was very popular in the early days. Remy refers to hair with the cuticle that has not been stripped away via acid bath and is aligned in the same direction. You will not experience tangling and matting of the hair.

Single donor hair is where you want to go. Single donor hair is bundled, cut directly from one person, and is directly wefted from the bundle. Multi-donor hair is hair that is mixed with multiple people’s hair. It is often hair that was cut without binding and has fallen to the floor. This hair generally tends to tangle due to cuticle misalignment.

Most of the human hair sold in the market is single drawn hair. The cost to produce a double drawn bundle is much higher because the shackling process of removing the shorter hairs is much more expensive during the manufacturing process. Expect to pay more for a bundle of human hair that has long hairs all the way to the tips.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Customized Beauty Hair is committed to ensuring that every customer is pleased with their purchase. Our hair is continually tested to ensure quality is kept and our commitment to maintain good quality hair is seen in every product we supply. It is important to understand the importance of maintaining your hair weft and keep them looking naturally beautiful. Our virgin hair is re-usable and will last up to 1 to 2 years with proper care.

Here at Customized Beauty, we value all of our customers and will always continue to do so. If you need any help or advice on maintaining your hair, please don't hesitate to contact our experienced sales team.

Always inspect the hair before installation. Prior to using our hair, feel free to comb, brush or wet the hair if necessary. We recommend that you do not cut the wefts or lace until you are satisfied with your purchase. If there are any problems with the hair, you should be able to detect them at this time. For our virgin hair, when performing the co-wash, leave the bundle intact and check for any issues. If you find any issues, please contact us before installation or before doing any alterations. When installing our hair, we strongly recommend that it is done by a professional hair stylist. To get the healthiest and longest lifespan, please follow the instructions below. 

When dirt accumulates on the hair it will start to tangle, this can be avoided by washing your hair at least bi-weekly, if not weekly. If you wash your hair weekly you can switch in between a regular shampoo and co-washing.  Ensure that the hair is washed correctly as it can lose its color or tear. 

Use a pH balanced shampoo and conditioner. Put the hair extensions in small individual bowls. Do not use a shampoo or conditioner that is not pH balanced. Gently comb out your extensions one at a time with a brush or a wide tooth comb, this makes for an easier wash. Use your fingers very gently to wet your extensions. Apply shampoo gently; do not rub in like you would do with normal hair.

Make sure the hair is washed in one direction (from scalp to ends) and avoid circular motions to prevent tangling. Do not twist the hair when wet, especially long hair. While your hair is still wet, use your fingers to lightly separate it and continue this process with a wide-toothed comb to ensure that it is fully detangled. Rise the hair and proceed to conditioning.

It is important that your hair is conditioned, especially with curly hair. Conditioning helps with detangling, defines curl pattern (if any), and adds moisture to the hair that was stripped by the clarifying shampoo if you did not co-wash.

After you shampoo/condition, set on a flat towel and let them naturally dry. Avoid greasy or heavy products as it will weigh down the hair. Instead, apply a few drops of oil twice a week. We recommend pure natural oils (i.e. Argan oil, olive oil). You can also use a water based silicone serum at least once a week if you wish to have your hair shine a bit. Don’t drench your weave in products. In the case of weaves and products, we do not believe the more the merrier. Using numerous products will leave your strands stringy and greasy and cause build up. A dime-sized amount of oil here and there will do. If you have any leave out, ensure that you moisture it as well.

It is important to use a proper hair brush on the extensions; this is to prevent the hair from ripping. Not using the right brush can cause damage to the hair. Avoid brushes like round barrel brushes, brushes with ball tips, wooden bristle brushes, and any other similar products that may rip the hair and cause unnecessary damage. 

When the hair is fully dry, gently brush through in a downward direction. Do not worry if you lose hair while brushing, it is perfectly normal! Gently brush the hair in sections from the bottom working your way up. Do this at least once or twice a day to prevent knotting and matting. Ensure that you not to over-brush your hair, as this may result in damage to strands and unnecessary wear and tear. 

We do not recommend any additional color application as this may cause damage to your hair. If you choose to do so, the color should be applied by a professional and tested on strands first to achieve the desired results. This will be done at your own discretion and risk. Customized Beauty will not be held liable for any damage done to the hair due to coloring. 

Your bundles can be straightened, curled, and styled as you please. But we advise you to keep heat to a minimum. The purpose of wearing a weave is mostly to give your natural hair a break. If you must use heat, make sure that you apply a good heat protector on the hair before using any heating tools. If you wear your extensions straight, dooby wrap it with a few bobby pins at night to avoid using heat daily. If you wish to have voluminous, overnight curls pin curls are a great option. Only use heat if you must and that goes for your leave out too! You don’t want a crispy, burnt leave out that won’t blend with your silky extensions (trust us, we’ve seen it and it’s better to avoid it!)

This is the best way to protect your hair at night. We actually recommend you use both the satin scarf and pillow (definitely those who wake up with their scarf on the floor). These satin items help your hair retain moisture and keep your tresses soft, silky and laid.

Please ensure a professional removes your hair extensions with the correct tools and solution to prevent damage to your natural hair. 

For more detailed instructions on how to care for your hair wigs/extensions, please refer to our Wig Owner Manual Guide.  This guide provides you with information about product recommendations to help maintain your wig, how to try your item on for the first time, and basic use, care, and maintenance. With proper care and handling, you can expect to use and enjoy your wig and or bundle for years! 

- Do not untangle the weave when it’s wet. Before you start washing the weave, brush out any tangles. If it’s a curly or wavy human hair weave, you can simply finger comb it to avoid creating more tangles or giving it a fizzy look.

- Do wash your hair in one directions. When washing your human hair, you need to be very gentle. Place the shampoo or conditioner on the palm of your hands and then run it through the weave gently. 

- Avoid washing your hair while it is still installed. This is a common mistake made by people. Although it may be convenient, the best way to wash your weave is to have it removed and washed then reinstalling it.

- Avoid the use of a blow dryer to dry your wig. Use a dry towel to suck additional water in the hair and place it in a ventilated area. Ensure that the hair is completely dry. Having a wet weave is not just uncomfortable but can be a health hazard too. The dampness can quickly cause your scalp to start smelling and you’ll feel like the wet hair is a heavy basket on top of your head. Touch the weft of the hair before installing it and make sure it is dry. 

- Do not try to perm or relax the weave. Human hair comes with a smooth and fine texture so that you don’t have to apply relaxers. Applying these chemicals can lead to severe that damages to your hair.

- Do not wash the weave too often. Washing human hair too often can cause it to become dry and brittle especially if you don’t use a moisturizing shampoo. Ensure that you treat the weave using a deep conditioning treatment.

- Do not wear a wig or extensions for too long. Wigs and extensions can damage your hairline if poorly installed and left to stay on the head for too long. 

- Do not use hair spray, gel water, pomade on your extensions or wig.

Customized Beauty  brings together a talented and experienced team of wig artisans to handcraft your custom wig and or Bundle . Our process is detailed and thorough, from initial consultation to the final step. We take pains to build a piece tailored for you that fits like a glove and looks even better than you imagined.

To have a custom wig created , its 85$ not including extensions. You’ll start by either requesting a Estimate-Service Quote Form or Chat with us  for assistance in completing your form . We’ll ask you to provide us with detailed information about your desired custom unit, including the colors, texture, length and style – when applicable, we request any research materials or inspirational materials that will help us realize and bring your vision to life ( we highly recommend you upload a picture ).  The form will include all options to provide us with all the relevant options for completing the project. After reviewing your form,  you’ll receive a contract confirmation email including all terms and conditions to complete the project . 

Within the next 24-48 hours you’ll receive an invoice and digital contract ( please note this contract is your Estimated-quote form summary including the finalized service cost) We’ll need your payment and the “signed” digital contract to finalize your project agreement on the schedule and move forward.  Check out our payment plans to see which one will work best for you. 

Your digital contract will have the expected date of completion for your custom wig . The date is usually based on either your deadline or your preferred payment schedule. As we near the completion of your custom order . You will be updated throughout the process of the progress of the ongoing project.  Once your custom piece is ready, you will receive an email and photos of the finished piece and any request of changes or adjustments will be done at this moment. 

Once you’re satisfied with your wig , you can have the piece mailed to you or you can schedule a fitting at our studio. 

While you wait for your customized piece to be completed, be sure to read through our Owners wig Manual and Hair care section.

Note: We strongly encourage customers to write any additional specifications or instructions that can help in the construction process of your wig. We also recommend you upload a picture of the desired look as this may facilitate construction process. 

Wig Size

Circumference of the Head 

Front to Back

Ear to Ear

One size fits all

20" - 15"

14" - 15 1/4"

13" - 14"


Please Note : Our wigs come in one standard size "one size fits all" with adjustable straps and hooks that allow us to make the wig tighter or wider. Please refer to table measurements below to see if the size we carry fits your head.


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